• Amazon

    If you're a Prime member, you probably don't need any more info than this, but just in case, here are some other registries :) ...
  • Bed, Bath, & Beyond

    If you don't get one of those 20% off coupons once a week in the mail, print one off their web site!
  • SoKind

    A project of the New Dream foundation, we found this late in the game (ergo the 4 registry foul).  SoKind features "out of the box" gift ideas for people who have special skills and talents to share, need to save money, and/or want to help us reduce all the "stuff" flying around.  Check it out!
  • Zola

    They have pretty things!!  But mostly we liked that it allows group gifting and had a nifty RSVP page.

Why won't this section go away??

But seriously, isn't Mia cute?

this was fun.  It was made in Japan.